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Local organizations:

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society [ ]

Santa Clara Valley information about birding, conservation, local bird events. Includes a Kids' Corner with information and activities designed for younger birders.

Santa Cruz Bird Club  [ ]

Where to bird in Santa Cruz, information about local birds, bird photos, and a calendar of events targeted at all levels of birding experience.

Birding Tools:

Easy Birding Maps [ ]

Wheelchair, bike, and stroller accessible guides to parks, bike paths, trails, and birding locations for the San Francisco South Bay.

All About Birds [ ]

Free, illustrated bird guide to help you identify your finds, information about building your birding skills, bird photography, and how to attract birds to your home garden. Produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

eBird [ ]

eBird provides location specific information about what birds you are likely to see at a particular time to help with your identifications. It also provides you with the world's easiest method of recording your bird list! Monitored by experts who will help with difficult identifications. Your data is aggregated with others from your area and used by scientists to track the heath of the world bird population. [ ]

Recordings of over 600 North American birds. Please use these for identification only. Playing sounds to attract birds may confuse them and interfere with their natural activities.

Birding for Kids [ ]

Hints, books, cameras and other tools appropriate for kids. (Note that many of the links to products on these pages are "affiliate links." That means the author earns a commission for sales the page generates, which could affect the choices presented.)

Local Events:

Nest Cam - San Jose [ ]

Webcam showing the nest box and launch area for a Peregrine Falcon family living on a ledge at San Jose City Hall. Live video and archives of "big moments" in the family's life.

Annual Monterey Bay Birding Festival (September)
[ ]

Lectures and field trips throughout the Monterey Bay area designed for experienced and beginning birders. Registration required for many of the limited-space events.

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